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read data and plotting graph

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Prawinth  Gunasegaran
Prawinth Gunasegaran on 17 May 2019
how to read the txt file and plot the graph

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Raj on 17 May 2019
Reading data is not a problem. Use 'fopen' to open the file and 'fscanf' to read the data. Or you can use 'textscan' to read the full file as strings and then convert numeric strings to numbers. How do you want to plot the data?

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Yuliano Moscoso Yarin
Yuliano Moscoso Yarin on 1 Jul 2019
as @Raj comment it depenes of the purpose of what you need , I can for example use the command "readtable"
sound = readtable('sound.txt');% this will work if this archive is in the same matlab directory
% then you can plot (notice that I'm using the variable name Var2 since your data has no variable names)


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