reading data with serial communication between arduino and matlab problem

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I want to read position of encoder which is coded in Arduino program with serial communication in Matlab
the code in arduino program is:
int counter = 0;
int aState;
int aLastState;
void setup() {
pinMode (outputA, INPUT);
pinMode (outputB, INPUT);
aLastState = digitalRead(outputA);
void loop() {
aState = digitalRead(outputA);
if (aState != aLastState) {
if (digitalRead(outputB) != aState) {
counter ++;
} else {
counter --;
Serial.print("Position: ");
aLastState = aState;
and the code of Matlab is:
the problem is when the position is changed for example from 0 to 12 , when I use a=fscanf(s) it shows each values from 0 to 12 each times when I run this order I mean at the first time it shows 0 at the 2nd time it shows 1 at the3rd time it shows 2 etc.but I want to read the value of the position in real time how could I get this value?

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