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How to run through many variables at a different set of times continuously?

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Nikolaos Zafirakis
Nikolaos Zafirakis on 16 Jun 2019
Commented: Stephen Cobeldick on 17 Jun 2019
There are 200 O's and each O lasts 100 minutes, so I need to run the simulation for t=20000 minutes and then every 100 minutes I need the simulation to jump to the next O. I'm really stuck on this and can’t figure out a way around it does anyone have any suggestions to how I can achieve this?
ID = '0000'; % text document
t = 1:100; % time in minutes!
O = 1; % There are 200 O's
[x, y , z] = pst(ID,t,text_document);


Nikolaos Zafirakis
Nikolaos Zafirakis on 16 Jun 2019
This won’t specifically achieve what I need as it will give me 100 set of 1 and then 100-200 set of 2 then 200-300 sets of 3 ...... I specifically need the script to stick at 1 for 100 seconds. In other words I need only one 1 for 1-100 and then only one 2 for 100-200 .....

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Sulaymon Eshkabilov
Sulaymon Eshkabilov on 16 Jun 2019
Probably, you can employ for loop (ii = 1:200) then combine/concatenate all evaloved values into separate variable(s).
ID = '0000'; % text document
for ii=1:200
t = 1:100;
Os = O(ii);
[x(ii,:), y(ii,:) , z(ii,:)] = pst(ID,t,text_document);

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