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convert excel date and time to matlab

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Galgool on 27 Jun 2019
Commented: Galgool on 28 Jun 2019
I have read many posts about this but just cant get it to work.
I have R2014a and I'm currently using xlsread to read from an excel date and time file, which doesnt give me what I want which is to use as the time axix in plot.
Is there a way?


Murugan C
Murugan C on 28 Jun 2019
Could pleae attach your excel sheet?
Guillaume on 28 Jun 2019
The simple reason that you're not getting datetime in matlab is because your date and time is not stored as date and time in Excel (well the time may be, but certainly not the date).
It looks like your date is stored as plain numbers. These can be trivially converted to date and added to the time. We would need to know which format (year-momth-day or year-day-month?) is used to give you the proper code.
An example excel file wouldn't hurt.
Finally, are you on an old version of matlab which prevent you from using the more modern readtable instead of xlsread?

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Accepted Answer

Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov on 28 Jun 2019
data = [ 9264 20180104 0.8021
9265 20180104 0.8125
9266 20180104 0.8229
9267 20180104 0.8333
9268 20180104 0.8438
9269 20180104 0.8542
9270 20180104 0.8646
9265 20180104 0.8021
9271 20180104 0.8125
9272 20180104 0.8229
9273 20180104 0.8333 ];
dateout = datetime(data(:,2),'ConvertFrom','yyyymmdd') + data(:,3);
or for old MATLAB
dateoutnum = datenum(sprintfc('%d',data(:,2)),'yyyymmdd') + data(:,3);
dateoutstr = datestr(dateoutnum);

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Galgool on 28 Jun 2019
Great, it works
And how can I use it in plot for the x axis?
Its giving me an arror:
Error using plot
Invalid first data argument

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