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How can data gradually be exported to an Excel file?

Asked by Erik Näslund on 14 Jul 2019
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I am having/creating several workspaces of different recorded data, representing a function (called RS). At four different occasions data/blood samplings were done at different times (”a”, ”b”, ”c” and ”d” respectively). Via a ”input”-function I can assign the current times to respective data sampel. After that, I create a +/- 15 s interval of each data sampel and calculate the mean.
a = input('seconds:');
b = input('seconds:');
c = input('seconds:');
d = input('seconds:');
% Determine the different intervals and mean-values:
ai = (a-15:a+15)
bi = (b-15:b+15)
ci = (c-15:c+15)
di = (d-15:d+15)
mai = mean(RS(ai))
mbi = mean(RS(bi))
mci = mean(RS(ci))
mdi = mean(RS(di))
Is there a way, to export the data to an Excel spreadsheet, with the name of the different workspaces in column 1 and the different mean-values in columns 2 to 4, and every time the code is run a new row is added with the current values?
I hope someone can help me! Thank you


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Answer by Image Analyst
on 14 Jul 2019
Edited by Image Analyst
on 14 Jul 2019
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You could just read in the existing worksheet and find out the last row:
if isfile(filename)
% Read in existing file to get its last row.
[numbers, strings, raw] = xlsread(filename);
[rows, columns] = size(raw);
% File doesn't exist yet.
rows = 0;
columns = 0;
then when you make up a cell reference, start writing at the next row
nextRow = rows + 1; % Or wherever you want.
cellRef = sprintf('A%d', nextRow);
xlswrite(filename, data, worksheetName, cellRef);

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Thank you for your help! But, unfortunately I must be missing something and can’t get the code to work. Since I’m fairly unexperienced using Matlab I am wondering if you could provide me with a concrete example using the following conditions?
Filename = testdata
Matlab workspace savename = GX_RY (unique name for all the different recordings)
Organisation/headers of the Excel file: ‘Workspace name’, ‘mai’, ‘mbi’, ‘mci’, ‘mdi’
Worksheet name – it doesn’t matter…
I very much appreciate your help!

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