What is the alternative to UiContextmenu when using uifigure?

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Hi all,
I have been looking at migrating to the new uifigure for a rather large app I have coded in Matlab (~200 000 code lines). The main issue would be the non existence of Uicontextmenu under the uifigure...
I there an alternative to it? I could not find any in the new "app designer" components...
Thanks for your help!

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Stijn Helsen
Stijn Helsen on 13 Dec 2019
This is a very valid question! uicontextmenu is available for so long (in normal figures). Creating a new type of figure (with some obscure differences with the "old figures"), specially created for UI's, and then not directly implementing this possibility looks very strange to me. (And uifigures are even not so new anymore.)

Yoann Ladroit
Yoann Ladroit on 20 Dec 2019
UPDATE: Matlab 2020a has uicontextmenu and toolbars for the new app format...
I will migrate things as soon as possible!

Melinda Toth-Zubairi
Melinda Toth-Zubairi on 28 Aug 2019
Thanks for this question. This is an active area of development and is expected to be supported in an upcoming release. If you'd like more information about the latest features in App Designer, the App Designer product page on mathworks.com lists feature highlights from the latest release and provides links to additional resources.


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