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How to create a custom SIMULINK library block from legacy_code tool programmatically?

Asked by Saulat Chughtai on 31 Jul 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Saulat Chughtai on 9 Aug 2019
I have a C-function and I want to create a block in an existing SIMULINK library. If I give library name in Legacy_code tool as modelname I get the following error
Simulation of model 'TestLib' is not allowed because it is a block diagram library
Is there any way to create/copy/add a block to a custom SIMULINK library programmatically?


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1 Answer

Answer by Urmila Rajpurohith on 8 Aug 2019

You can refer to below documentation for how to design and create custom block

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Sorry Urmila Rajpurohith, The point is not how to create a custome block. the point is that
  1. Legacy_code tool creates a block in a new model
  2. Can this block be moved to an existing SIMULINK library programmetically?

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