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How to combine several .mlapp in MATLAB App Designer? [2017b]

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Li Mun Ng
Li Mun Ng on 20 Aug 2019
Answered: Bhargavi Maganuru on 23 Aug 2019
Dear all,
May I know how to connect between different .mlapp in MATLAB App Designer?
The overview of the application is illustrated in the picture below.
It will be having a home page that allows user to choose the age category and once it is chosen, it will lead to another .mlapp which has A.mlapp, B.mlapp and C.mlapp for the user to answer questions in these .mlapp. My question is how to write the callback function if a drop-down or button is used to allow the user to go to one .mlapp and another?
I have gone through the example in the website but that is only for dialog box and not between different .mlapp.. Is there other possible way of doing it?


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