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Why does matlab return "Index exceeds matrix dimensions"?

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Cantor Set
Cantor Set on 1 Sep 2019
Edited: Cantor Set on 1 Sep 2019
Nind=2; %number of vectors
Nvar=2; %number of variables in each vector
perci=3; %number of bits of every variable
ph=zeros(Nind, Nvar);
ch=crtbp(Nind, Nvar*perci); %random binary matrix and crtbp is a function from
%genetic algorithm MATLAB toolbox
for i=1:Nind
s=1; E=perci;
for j=1:Nvar
s=E+1; E=s+ perci;
The aim of the code is to take in the ith row of ch, the first perci bits which is a binary row vector and convert it to a real number then take this real number and put it in ph, then in the same ith row in ch take the 2nd perci bit namely, perci+1 to 2*perci +1 and convert it to a real number and put it into ph and so on
whenever i run the code it tells me "Index exceeds matrix dimensions."
I don't know why
Cantor Set
Cantor Set on 1 Sep 2019
Hello Roberson,
Yes, I used the crtbp function in the GA toolbox. But, when I run the code it was telling me
"Index exceeds matrix dimensions" refering to the line
But, I solved it. It was a careless calculation problem.
Thank you!

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