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How do I write images into folders specified in string array?

Asked by Eric Martz on 3 Sep 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Image Analyst
on 9 Sep 2019
I have a 3545 x 2 string array. I attached the first 10 rows as an example:
namesandlabels(1:10, :)
ans =
10×2 string array
"Image100.241.jpg" "Membrane-Stained Cells"
"Image100.242.jpg" "Membrane-Stained Cells"
"Image100.251.jpg" "Membrane-Stained Cells"
"Image100.252.jpg" "No Cells"
"Image100.261.jpg" "Membrane-Stained Cells"
"Image100.262.jpg" "Membrane-Stained Cells"
"Image100.271.jpg" "No Cells"
"Image100.272.jpg" "No Cells"
"Image100.281.jpg" "No Cells"
"Image100.282.jpg" "Intracellular-Stained Cells"
As you can see, there are three different categories of the images. I want to write these images into one of three folders, according to which category they belong to. For example, I want to write the first image into a folder called "Membrane-Stained Cells" and so on for all 3545 images.
How do I do this?
Thanks in advance.


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1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 3 Sep 2019

Try something like
for k = 1 : size(namesandlabels, 1)
outputFolder = namesandlabels(k, 2);
thisBaseFileName = namesandlabels(k, 1);
sourceFullFileName = fullfile(pwd, thisBaseFileName); % Assume the image is in this folder.
destinationFullFileName = fullfile(outputFolder, thisBaseFileName); % In some other folder.
copyfile(sourceFullFileName, sourceFullFileName);


Thanks for the answer and sorry for not responding earlier. This code doesn't work because it just says that it cannot copy a file onto itself.
Make sure your output folder is not the current folder. I bet that is what is happening. Make sure you have the right input folder and right output folder when you call fullfile().

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