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change 'classWeights' in unetLayers

Asked by Marco Festugato on 16 Sep 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Marco Festugato on 19 Sep 2019
im using Unet to perform semantic segmentation (I want to segment liver metastasis). I want to weight 'more' the pixels of the metastasis respect to the background but I can't manage to do it...
Code for creating unet architecture:
lgraph = unetLayers(imageSize, numClasses, 'EncoderDepth', 4);
How can I change the 'classWeights' in lgraph.Layers(end).pixelClassificationLayer in order to do this??
If, for example, I do this:
lgraph.Layers(end).pixelClassificationLayer.classWeights = [2, 0.5];
I receive an error telling me that i have first to put the 'labels' to the 'classes' options in lgraph.Layers(end), but if i do this:
lgraph.Layers(end) = {'metastasis', 'background'};
I receive an error telling that that layer is in 'read only' mode....
Please im getting crazy...
Thanks in advance for any help!


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Answer by Raunak Gupta on 19 Sep 2019
 Accepted Answer

The unetLayers object in MATLAB is in read only mode and we cannot change the properties of layers as such. You may remove the last layer which is the Segmentation-Layer and can add a new Segmentation-Layer with the properties that are mentioned. Following Code will help.
% Last Layer Name is 'Segmentation-Layer'
% for checking layer name use :- lgraph.Layers
lgraph = removeLayers(lgraph,'Segmentation-Layer');
layerlast = pixelClassificationLayer('Classes',{'metastatis','background'},'ClassWeights',[2,0.5],'Name','New_segmentation_Layer');
layer_to_add = [layerlast];
lgraph = addLayers(lgraph,layer_to_add);
Reference to the functions that are used removeLayers, pixelClassificationLayer, addLayers.

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It worked! Thank u so much :)

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