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Using target for hardware blocks, How can I send data from host machine as input to the model which is already downloaded and run in beagleboard?

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I have build a filter model into the beagleboard. But How can I input the data stored in PC machine to that beagleboard model? I would really appreciate if there is particular way to do this

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Murat Belge
Murat Belge on 4 Oct 2012
1. Use 'From Workspace' block. Save the data you want BeagleBoard to use into MATLAB workspace. Use 'From Workspace' block to feed the data to your Simulink model.
2. Use UDP blocks. There is a demo in BeagleBoard Support Package called "Communicating with BeagleBoard Hardware". This model actually does the reverse of what you are looking for; i.e. sends data from BeagleBoard back into the host computer. But you can easily generalize this example to do the reverse.

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