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How can I upload an excel file into a website?

Asked by Julie SERIS on 15 Oct 2019
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on 21 Oct 2019
I have a Matlab program that puts some data into an local excel file, with some page setting. Now, I would like to upload this file into SharePoint so other people can use it (note that I would have to overwrite it if the file already exists). I've found a lot of info on how to download but don't know how to upload... Thank you for your help!


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1 Answer

Answer by Samatha Aleti on 18 Oct 2019

You may use “webwrite” function to do this. Refer the following document link for detailed understanding on “webwrite” :


Comment by Julie SERIS mistakenly posted as an answer moved here:
Thank you Samatha for your answer, but can you be more specific? From my point of view, webwrite doesn't allow to upload directly a file on a website
webwrite will let you upload a file to a website, assuming the website has a mechanism to do this. It's probably possible to do this with sharepoint, but it's not something I've ever done.
Things you'll have to figure out:
  • authentication. It's unlikely you can upload to sharepoint without authentication. webwrite has options to specify username / password
  • actual url to upload to. This might be a completely different url than what you write in a web browser.
  • figure out which method is to be used to upload the data (POST or PUT most likely)
  • maybe more...
The sharepoint REST API is explained here, since it is a REST API it can be used with webwrite. As I suspected the url you use for REST is different than the one you use with a browser (in particular, it's got _api in it, but figuring out the actual url to your resource will require some work).
The main problem might be authentication. I can't figure it out for the sharepoint sites I've got access to. I know that the url I tried is correct as I get a correct xml response from my browser, but from matlab I keep getting a 403 Forbidden even after specifying my username / password.
Needless to say, uploading documents to sharepoint through the API is far from trivial, but that's nothing particular to matlab. It's the complexity of sharepoint!

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