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App Designer - Tab between fields order issue

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Joseph Sherratt
Joseph Sherratt on 22 Oct 2019
Commented: Joseph Sherratt on 18 Nov 2019
I have a simple app with mainly numerical edit fields. The user should be easily able to enter numbers into fields and press tab to move the cursor to the next field. I have several panels and each panel contains several numerical edit fields. However, when the tab key is pressed the curor does not always go to the numerical edit field directly below. It may skip the panel below, then 'bounce around' the fields within one panel and then go to the panel above.
I cannot see a way to change the order the cursor moved between fields when tab key is used. Is there a way to ensure the cursor moves to the correct field when tab key is pressed?


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Answers (1)

Sahithi Kanumarlapudi
Sahithi Kanumarlapudi on 31 Oct 2019
It just so happens that the order components appear in the component browser, from top to bottom, is the same order in which you tab through those components when your run your app.
So in order to get the desired component to be focused it would be better to arrange the components in the order in which they are present in the component browser
The following link might help you solve your issue
Hope this helps!


Joseph Sherratt
Joseph Sherratt on 18 Nov 2019
Hi, this is fantastic! Thank you so much, worked absolutely perfectly

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