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for loop within for loop

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Hinna Ahmed
Hinna Ahmed on 4 Nov 2019
Commented: ME on 4 Nov 2019
I want to make two for loops. the first for loop is when the values are j = [1:4,5:8,9:2,13:6,7:20,21:24]
because I am using this for a subplot, so when j = 1 or j=5 or j=9 or j=13 or j=17 or j=21 then i=1.
When j=2, j=6 ,j=10 , j=14 , j=18 or j=22 then i=2.
When j=3, j=7, j=11, j=15, j=19 or j=23 then i=3.
When j=4, j=8, j=12, j=16, j=20, j=24 then i=4.

Accepted Answer

ME on 4 Nov 2019
I don't know what you want to do inside those for loops so I can't give you full code but the loops you'll want are:
for i=1:4;
for j=i:4:24;
ME on 4 Nov 2019
No problem, happy to help!

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