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How to add optional outport to simulink model?

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I have a model that outputs a signal via a normal outport. I would like to create an optional second outport for a normalized version of this same signal.
Currently the block has both outputs, but I would like the second outport to be "hidden" unless explicitly enabled.
So is it possible to add an outport that can be enabled and disabled by a checkbox in the properties of the model/block?

Accepted Answer

Jim Riggs
Jim Riggs on 9 Dec 2019
You can use a switch to select between the two different output options that you want, and there are a number of ways to activate the switch:
1) This is a favorite of mine: Define a logical variable (e.g. "UseOutputOption") in the Matlab control the switch.
Matlab Answers 20191209.JPG
2) You can use a manual switch inside the model to activate the option:
Matlab Answers 20191209b.JPG
Daniel Höglinger
Daniel Höglinger on 11 Dec 2019
Thank you very much for your comprehensive reply, this seems to be the solution for my problem!

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