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Where can I publish Matlab-compiled software?

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Digitalsd on 18 Dec 2019
Commented: Digitalsd on 30 Jan 2020
I have built Matlab-compiled software, and I want to share it for free. Thus, I just want to know where I can publish such a program.
Does anyone have suggestions?
Digitalsd on 19 Dec 2019
Actually, it is an image steganography software based on a well known steganographic method called MOD4. Thus, I considered it as security software. Maybe, I mistook the words.
But now, I really think that I should publish it with its source code, so everyone can inspect how it works. And maybe someone would add something new to it OR improve it.
Thank you for your valuable comment.
I will be glad to hear any suggestions from you.

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Accepted Answer

Jim Riggs
Jim Riggs on 19 Dec 2019
If you want to share the source code, you can post it on Matlab File Exchange

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