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In my Simulink model I would like to conditionally write output data to selectable .mat files in different relative directories.

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Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson on 18 Dec 2019
Commented: Mark Wilson on 18 Dec 2019
I have attempted to use a 'Switch Case' block with several 'Switch Case Action Subsystem' blocks, each containing a 'To File' block specifying a different relative directory and filename (.MAT). Unfortunately Simulink initializes empties (re-initializes) the MAt files specified in the non active Cases each run.

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Jim Riggs
Jim Riggs on 18 Dec 2019
This sounds like a rather sophisticated way of constructing output. I'm not sure if that is easily acomplished with the "to file" block. I like to use S-functions to control my output.
In fact, I have an S-function that is the first block to run in my model (this is accomplished by placing it at the top level of the model and assigning it a priority = 1). this block reads a number from a file called "serialNumber", increments the number, and saves the incremented number bask to the "serialNumber" file. This serial number is used in other S-functions that generate output files, and appended to the output file name, so that every time I run the model the output is recorded in a new file with a "run number" attached to the file name. I can keep a log of all of the runs (date, time, run parameters), and pull up results for comparison (by run number) later. In fact, you can have the S-function that reads the serial number keep the run log in a file for you.
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Mark Wilson
Mark Wilson on 18 Dec 2019
Thank You Jim.
A very useful suggestion. I am now convinced that I cannot use the To File block as I am doing in Case Switch Action blocks.
Best Regards, Mark.

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