I have a complex number z = 5+3j, how do I find the phase of z, complex conjugate of z, and modulus of z?

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For the phase of z, I assume they mean phase angle which is the only result I get when type in complex number phase matlab. And i followed the instructions to get that like this:
z = 5+3j
Ph = angle(z)
fprintf(' %.2f \n;, Ph)
I get a error that z is unrocognized when I defined it as a complex number, any help would be appreicated!

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 31 Jan 2020
See the documentation page on Complex Numbers for functions that may be of use when working with complex numbers in MATLAB.
Regarding the three lines of code you posted, when I ran them the error message I received was slightly different.
fprintf(' %.2f \n;, Ph)
Error: Character vector is not terminated properly.
That's caused by a missing quote character in the posted code. When I added it before the comma, it worked.
>> fprintf(' %.2f \n;', Ph)
If you're seeing a different error please post the exact code you're running and the full and exact text of the error message you receive (all the text displayed in red exactly as it's displayed in the Command Window.)
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Gurinder Punni
Gurinder Punni on 31 Jan 2020
my bad i had actually put the quotes in the code but forgot them here. It seems it was simple error. One of the z's was captial and the other lower case. thanks for the help.

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