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Why can't I use "rigidBodyJoint" function from Robotics System Toolbox?

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I can't use the "rigidBodyJoint"-function when constructing a robot, it only says "undefined function or variable". I have MATLAB 2018B with Robotics System Toolbox 2.1 (2018B version) installed. I can use other functions from the toolbox, such as "rigidBody" and "rigidBodyTree". What could be the problem?


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Cam Salzberger
Cam Salzberger on 3 Feb 2020
Hello Elin,
If you are looking at the documentation page for rigidBodyJoint in the current release (R2019b), there's a compatibility section that notes this class is a new name for what used to be called robotics.Joint in older releases. I would suggest always using the documentation for the release you are working in to avoid these types of issues (R2018b robotics.Joint page).

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Elin Nylund
Elin Nylund on 10 Feb 2020
Thank you! I decided to download the 2019b version instead, and now everything is working fine.

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