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save data to a new row in a table for each iteration of a for loop

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Daniel Knight
Daniel Knight on 8 Feb 2020
Answered: Stijn Haenen on 8 Feb 2020
Table is pre-alocated at begining of script outside of loop, each loop produces new variables. currently only saves the last iteration of the loop. Have tried data assignment both in and outside of for loop.
% starting variable list
sz = [3000 4];
vartype = {'double','double','double','double'};
varnames = {'Range','Height','Drift','Time_of_Flgiht'};
data1 = table('Size',sz,'VariableTypes',vartype,'VariableNames',varnames);
for T = 0:0.1:20
% some equations
data1(:,1) = {variable1};
data1(:,2) = {variable2};
data1(:,3) = {variable3};
data1(:,4) = {variable4};

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Stijn Haenen
Stijn Haenen on 8 Feb 2020
something like this might be useful for you:
for i=1:0.1:10
data(:,end+1)=[i^2;i^3];%just example of data

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