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Can anyone explain what this question means?

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Ash matlab
Ash matlab on 15 Feb 2020
Commented: Ash matlab on 15 Feb 2020
Write a program which runs as a function from the command line to find the equilibrium positions of the masses by solving Kx = b. Your program must plot the total length of the system as a function of k1/k2. Your plot should extend far enough to make clear any limiting values of the total length.
So I thought that I would get the user to input the k1 and k2 values within the function, because thats all they need to find the equilibrium positions. But if I only get one k1 and k2 values that would give me an equilibrium position how would i be able to plot that? It would just be a point.
And if we want a range of numbers then why would I create a function that asks for one input
Maybe I understand the question wrong but any help would be greatly appreciated
darova on 15 Feb 2020
Something like that:
N = 20;
[x,y,z] = deal(zeros(1,N));
k1 = values?
k2 = values?
for i = 1:N
K = matrix
b = vector
X = K\b
x(i) = X(1);
y(i) = X(2);
z(i) = X(3);
plot3(x,y,z,'.r') % surface?

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