Generate probabilites rows in a game

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steve Brian
steve Brian on 11 Apr 2020
Answered: darova on 11 Apr 2020
Hi all. Let's say I have a pyramid, with different exits. In that pyramid there is a mouse that must reach the cheese. Different exits are closed and only a few are correct. I have to form a matrix formed by the probabilities that the mouse has to reach the cheese.
I'm at the beginning and I don't know how to form those equations and then take their coefficient
We can form a linear equation p (i) and the probability associated with the neighboring intersections i. The mouse has a 1/4 probability to reach the top right and to lose or the top left to lose, but has 1/4 to take it right down or 1 / 4 left down and get to the food
I need to create matrix A and b, and my function is like function = generate(rows), where rows > 2
A little help, please

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darova on 11 Apr 2020
Here is start


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