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Application Designer Access elements on panel

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Hello Community,
I've started migrating to the app developer (from GUIDE), and am finding a few questions I can't figure out.
The main one is that I like using Panels to segregate different functions, such as data input in one panel, configuration settings in a different panel etc.
If I read the value in an element (ex. textbox.Text or textbox.Value) I can do that on a callback from a button that is in the same panel.
If I try to access this field from a button callback that doesn't reside in the panel I get "Undefined variable" messages. For example:
In the panel SetupPanel I have a text box named txt-nRuns. If I put a button in the same SetupPanel I can read the value with "nruns=app.txt_nRuns.Value"
If I try to read the value from a button on the main form (or in another panel) I get the "undefined variable" response. It seems like it's treating the elements in the panel as local variables.
I tried different options likeb elow with no luck, any tips on what I'm doing wrong (or if this is not currently possible)?
Thanks for any suggestions!
Larry McDermott
Larry McDermott on 24 Apr 2020
Thanks for your response, everything is working fine now. I'm not sure what I was doing wrong but I've since started using panels with no problems.

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Larry McDermott
Larry McDermott on 21 Apr 2020
Thanks for the follow up, I've worked around it (by excluding the panels) for now.
I just tried using a simple app and it all works! Not sure what I was doing last time but glad it works, sorry for the false alert!

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