How to extract Numbers from a textfile

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bear007 on 26 Oct 2012
Hi there, currently I get from measurements textfiles with timing results. The content of each textfile looks like this:
# [0] Min, [1] Avg, [2] Max, [3] Std. Dev
Times 137.849us 148.408us 460.475us 23.0206us
I would like to read the values from this textfile into an array, such as:
times = [0.1378e-003 0.1484e-003 0.4605e-003 0.0230e-003];
I know that it works somehow with fscanf, but it won't work, when I try it. Does anyone have a idea to help me with this? Thanks a million in advance! Martin

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Mech Princess
Mech Princess on 26 Oct 2012


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