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DTC induction motor drive , changing output torque limits

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Hello ,
I am trying toi create a simulation for an induction motor of 75 kw , (400V , 50 Hz ,1475 rpm ) using DTC induction motor drive.
I have made the block diagram , according to the example given in help of matlab , I hjave calculated value of K = 3.131 and torque = 485 Nm .
But when i run the simulation , torque is limited to 17.8Nm , as the " output torque limit is set between -17.8 tto 17.8Nm under controller tab of VFD. Now when i try to change the value from 17.8 to any where above this value , it gives me following error
"SPS block 'vfdmodel3/DTC Induction Motor Drive', subsystem 'Speed controller': unable to access expected mask parameter 'ctrl_sat'. Matlab returns the following message: Invalid setting in 'vfdmodel3/DTC Induction Motor Drive/Speed Controller/Zero-Order Hold2' for parameter 'SampleTime'"
Kindly help me in this matter.

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