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Simscape Multibody: How can I measure a force of a Prismatic Joint?

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I have the following multibody model:
The block Screw rotate, and Sliding Block translates.
How can I measure the force generated by the translating block? (I'd like to compare this force to the one after adding friction)
I'm not actuating the prismatic joint by motion through a Physical Port so I can't Compute Automatically the actuation force.
Thank you everybody for your attention, I look forward to any comment or advice on this.
Best regards,

Answers (1)

Yatish Chandra Chitluri
Yatish Chandra Chitluri on 21 Jan 2021
Hello @Pasquale Sacco If I understand your problem, you are trying to find the reaction force of translating block on the rotating block, right?
If yes, I'm not an expert but I have an Idea, Try, "Composite Sensing/Torque Sensing" instead of, "Sensing" in the Prismatic joint properties.
Constraint force acts on entire joints (constraint force or torque applied on the joint) where are Total force gives you the, Net sum of all forces and torques acting between the base and follower.
I hope this helps! Good luck!




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