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Simulink model comparison with R2012b

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p fontaine
p fontaine on 1 Nov 2012
Commented: Praveen on 26 Mar 2018
When I try to compare a simulink model and its ancestor by using "compare to ancestor" in the simulink project interface I get a binary comparison of both files and not a model comparison.
What should I do to get the correct comparison ?
Ryan G
Ryan G on 2 Nov 2012
Followup to previous comment. For the XML file comparison you need Simulink Report Generator. The compare to ancestor can be a bit confusing here. It does the binary comparison when you do not have the report generator, but if you do have report generator it will do the xml comparison instead.

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Accepted Answer

Ryan G
Ryan G on 1 Nov 2012
Edited: Ryan G on 2 Nov 2012
Try doing the process on this demo to make sure everything in MATLAB/Simulink is working properly.
I tried the demo and it worked out fine comparing simulink files.
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Praveen on 26 Mar 2018
Hi, It seems form the model comparison diff report, at a time only one Item can be selected to see the highlighted portion in the Original Models. Is there a way to select all Diff Items both from left and right sides to see the complete impacted blocks highlighted in models?
Thank you.

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Tim Hosey
Tim Hosey on 2 Nov 2012
You need to have Simulink Report Generator installed or you will just get a binary comparison.

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