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Solving nonlinear ordinary differential equations

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bbah on 26 Jun 2020
Commented: darova on 2 Jul 2020
I want to solve the following equation:
h(x) = -(D+a*(D/RT)*o*C)dc/dx
% D, a, R,T, o are parameters
%Boundary conditions:
h(0,t)=h(w,t) = C_sat;
%Initial conditions:
bbah on 2 Jul 2020
sorry for the later response. I think the final equation to be solved is this.
The flux needs to be implemented into the mass balance equation leading to this equation in 1D:
alpha, omega, D, R and T are known ant the boundary conditions are:
c(0,t)=c(w,t) = e.g. 1000 for t(0,t_end)
initial condition
c(x,0) = 0, for x(0,w);
i hope you can help me with this equation

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