Addition of 3D matrices

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Azza Ahmed
Azza Ahmed on 3 Dec 2012
I have a matrix that looks like this:
M(:,i,X,Y) that gives an answer of another matrix with dimension of 3*1 when multiplied by another matrix of 3*1.
The values for i = 1:5, for X and Y = 1:3, and : is variable.
Now what I want to do is to add together all values of M(:,1,X,Y) {meaning for the whole ranges of X and Y}, and similarly for all of M(:,2,X,Y), M(:,3,X,Y), M(:,4,X,Y) and M(:,5,X,Y).
Would someone kindly show me how to do that?
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Jan on 3 Dec 2012
Do I understand correctly: You have a Matrix M of the size [N x 5 x 3 x 3]?

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Answers (2)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 3 Dec 2012

Jan on 3 Dec 2012
Perhaps this helps:
n = 100;
M = rand(n, 5, 3, 3);
P = reshape(permute(M, [1,3,4,2]), n * 3 * 3, 5);
Result = sum(P, 4);

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