Bit xor of row with the next row and the output is again xored with the next row

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Hi, I have a image and I want to xor first row with single number then Xor 2nd row with first, the output is xored aith the next row and so on. I hope some one can figure out the mistake
for example
A=[23 2 13;34 56 70;12 18 90];
[m n]=size(A);
for i=2:m
a1=bitxor(c,A(1,:)); %Xor c with each element of first row of A
(a(i),:)=bitxor(a(i-1),A(i,:));% error ,Index exceeds matrix dimension

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 1 Jul 2020
c = 245;
A = [23 2 13;34 56 70;12 18 90];
a = [];
[m, n] = size(A);
a(1,:) = bitxor(c,A(1,:)); %Xor c with each element of first row of A
for i = 2:m
a(i,:) = bitxor(a(i-1),A(i,:));

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