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How to print \ in fprintf?

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Jay Vaidya
Jay Vaidya on 21 Jul 2020
Answered: Cris LaPierre on 21 Jul 2020
I have to print a command to a file,
lib_def = '.lib C:\Users\vaidy\Documents\LTspiceXVII\lib\cmp\standard.mos\n'
Opamp_lib = '.lib UniversalOpamps2.sub\n'
File = fopen('oscillator_8.cir','w');
I'm using the above commands, but it doesn't print the same to the file.
.lib C:.lib UniversalOpamps2.sub

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 21 Jul 2020
lib_def = '.lib C:\Users\vaidy\Documents\LTspiceXVII\lib\cmp\standard.mos' %no \n here!
fprintf(File,'%s\n', lib_def);

More Answers (2)

Star Strider
Star Strider on 21 Jul 2020
You need to ‘escape’ the backslant (\) with a preceding backslant (\\) in order to print it as you want to.
Perhaps this will do what you want:
lib_def = '.lib C:\\Users\\vaidy\\Documents\\LTspiceXVII\\lib\\cmp\\standard.mos\n'
I am assuming here that you want to retain the ‘\n’ as a newline character.

Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 21 Jul 2020
You have not specified the formatspec input argument. Even with that, special characters like a backslash need to be handled differently. See the Text Before or After Formatting Operators section in the linked documentation page. Here, that means use "\\" when you wnat "\". Below is an example that prints to the screen, allowing you to verify the behavior.
lib_def = '.lib C:\\Users\\vaidy\\Documents\\LTspiceXVII\\lib\\cmp\\standard.mos\n'


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