saving matrix elements into array

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Bahareh on 18 Apr 2011
I have 9 matrices with size 500x2. I would like to save them into a 3x3 array; i.e. my first 500x2 matrix be the first element of my 3x3 matrix and so on. Can you please help me?

Accepted Answer

Jos (10584)
Jos (10584) on 18 Apr 2011
You can use a cell array for this
X = cell(3,3)
X{1,1} = My500by2Matrix1 ;
% etc.
.. or use a 4D matrix
X = zeros(3,3,500,2) ;
X(1,1,:) = My500by2Matrix1 ;
% etc.
% and use squeeze to obtain a particular matrix

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