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how would i split a table based on a portion of a keyword

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Mark Peeters
Mark Peeters on 9 Sep 2020
Commented: Xavier on 9 Sep 2020
I have a table that has a many cols, however the data is from different product range. I generally what to sort it into two tables based on one cols containing a specific word that is common to the data, but there are other words and int's in the cell as well. How do i isolate these words to sort them, the position of the key word is not static, or a fixed character away from the start?
If that makes sense?


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Accepted Answer

Xavier on 9 Sep 2020
Something like this may work, but it depends on how your data is structured in the table- if you can provide more information I can update my answer
table_one = main_table(contains(main_table.yourColumn, "key text"), :);
table_two = main_table(~contains(main_table.yourColumn, "key text"), :);

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