How to find the width of plotted graph at selected Y-axis level?

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I want to measure the width of each signal at the y-axis's 20(TE reflection efficiency). Could you please help me with that code?

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 19 Oct 2020
Try this:
lambda = linspace(0.4, 0.6); % Wavelength Vector
s = sinc(((0.47:0.02:0.55).' - lambda)*1E+2)*30; % Signal Matrix (Row Vectors)
for k = 1:size(s,1)
[maxv,idx] = max(s(k,:)); % Index Of Peak
idxv1 = idx+[-2 0];
lmda(k,1) = interp1(s(k,idxv1), lambda(idxv1), 21, 'pchip'); % Interpolate Rising Edge
idxv2 = idx+[0 2];
lmda(k,2) = interp1(s(k,idxv2), lambda(idxv2), 21, 'pchip'); % Interpolate Falling Edge
wdth(k) = lmda(k,2) - lmda(k,1); % Calculate Width
hold on
for k = 1:size(s,1)
hp = plot(lambda, s(k,:));
plot(lmda(k,:), [1 1]*21, '+', 'Color',hp.Color) % Plot ‘+’ In Same Color As Signal
hold off
Make appropriate changes to get my code to work with your signals. It may require some ‘tweaking’, however it should produce reasonable results.

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