Design PI regulator with constrictions

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Alejandro Fernández
Alejandro Fernández on 23 Oct 2020
Hi, I needed to know if anyone knows how to carry out the next design of a PI C(s) regulator using the rltool or similar tool. I explain below what what I need to do.
  • Start from a step input that can vary in a range of +-20.
  • The output of the controller can only be within the range of +-2.
  • The output of the regulator can only be between values of +-2.
  • An over-shoot of less than 5% must be present at any time and the settling time must be less than 1s but never less than 0.5s.
The main problem I have is that I don't see a way to implement Simulink's saturation block in the rltool options... or if someone knew how to link the variables so that what I calculate in rltool would be reflected in the transfer function of Simulink's controller would also be of great help to me.
Thank you very much for everything.

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