How to control the stopband attenuation of the resample function ?

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I'm using resample function to upsample my data. I need to increase the stop band attenuation to improve the Adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR) . How can i do that?

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Vaishnav Katiyar
Vaishnav Katiyar on 27 Oct 2020
This example shows how to design a minimum-order lowpass FIR filter with a passband frequency of 0.37*pi rad/sample, a stopband frequency of 0.43*pi rad/sample (hence the transition width equals 0.06*pi rad/sample), a passband ripple of 1 dB and a stopband attenuation of 30 dB.
Fpass = 0.37;
Fstop = 0.43;
Ap = 1;
Ast = 30;
Refer the article below for more details on designing FIR and IIR filters based on frequency response specifications using the designfilt function in the Signal Processing Toolbox® product.

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