PI tunning in Longitudinal driver block

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Swapnil Sawant
Swapnil Sawant on 5 Nov 2020
Answered: Jason Rodgers on 15 Oct 2021
In PID controller we have liberty to tune the PID gain values. But in case of Longitudinal driver, how can we adjust the PI gain values without tunning?

Answers (1)

Jason Rodgers
Jason Rodgers on 15 Oct 2021
There currently is not an automated tuning process for this block. Easiest way to tune is to follow typical PI tuning approach. Set I gain to 0 and tune P gain until good tracking. Lower this value a bit and start increasing intergral gain until low tracking error. It is not possible to have 0 tracking error due to the nature of the plant but this will come close. The predictive driver may be a little easier as you can parameterize it with values similar to what is in the plant.


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