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Fixed-Point Designer toolbox doesn't exist.

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Nader Rihan
Nader Rihan on 7 Nov 2020
Answered: Steven Lord on 8 Nov 2020
I've downloaded MATLAB 2020b with academic licence but when I try to use fi object from Fixed-Point Designer toolbox, MATLAB gives this error:
Error using
Unable to check out a license for the Fixed-Point Designer.
Error in fi (line 226)
a ={:}); - Show complete stack trace
I tried many times to install this toolbox with my licence but I can't. Any help
Note: The available options are either to buy toolbox or trial only.

Answers (1)

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 8 Nov 2020
You should probably check with your license administrator to confirm that 1) Fixed-Point Designer is included in your license and 2) not all the licenses for Fixed-Point Designer are checked out.
It's possible the person in charge of purchasing the license didn't think any of their users would need to use that product and so didn't buy it. Or they may have bought only a few seats, expecting that only a few users at a time would need it, and that's no longer the case either temporarily (a short spike in usage) or long-term (more people becoming interested in using this product in their work.)


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