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How can I use function handles in Simulink?

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i found similar questions, but none did account for my problem in Simulink.
I have a function handle in my model workspace, and I want to use it as a function in the model.
How can I use the function handle in the model workspace, to compute an output by the given input?
The function in the workspace has this shape:
y = @ (t) f(t);
With f beeing a function a compute in a different script which could change.
Looking forward to any Help :)

Accepted Answer

Simone Lagger
Simone Lagger on 4 Dec 2020
I had the same problem and I found this method using the symbolic math toolbox and Simulink Interpreted MATLAB Fcn block that works :
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Maximilian Schönau
Maximilian Schönau on 4 Dec 2020
Thank you very much! That is exactly what I was looking, for.
Neverthenless kinda strange that function handles dont function with simulink. Is there any better way to use a changing function in Simulink?

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