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Help With plotting 3D Graph

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Mark Dawson
Mark Dawson on 3 Dec 2020
Commented: Mark Dawson on 3 Dec 2020
Say I have a function psi, given as a series of x values and time.
x_3, x_4 and x_6 and t are matrices of length 2000.
I need to calculate psi for every value of t.
So Like:
psi(1) = abs(x_1.*exp(((-1)./(x_3.^2))+((i*x_4)/(2))+(i*x_6))));
I get 2000 values. But i need to do this for 2000 values of t.
So psi needs to be a 2000x2000 matrix.
Annoyingly, ive got the concepts down, but the syntax is stumping me.

Accepted Answer

Stephan on 3 Dec 2020
Edited: Stephan on 3 Dec 2020
then call
Result = psi(t)
Also make sure that t is length needed --> here 2000
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Mark Dawson
Mark Dawson on 3 Dec 2020
Hi steven, inverting the t matrix worked a charm. I was overcomplicating it with multiple for loops, which causwd my laptop to crash.
You wnat a good laugh? I saw this answer two houors ago, and then spent the following two hours trying to plot using plot3, only to figurre out i neeeded mesh about ten minutes ago.
Im tired, im off for a nap. thanks man.

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