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curly brackets system of equations via LaTeX

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1i10 on 3 Dec 2020
Why is this not working correctly and how can I fix it?
title('$\begin{cases}\sin(x-y)-xy+1=0 \\ x^2-y^2=0.75\end{cases}$');

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Stephan on 4 Dec 2020
Edited: Stephan on 4 Dec 2020
title({'$sin(x-y)-xy+1=0$','$x^2-y^2=0.75$'}, 'Interpreter','LaTex')
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1i10 on 4 Dec 2020
This is not what I meant. My curly brace does not combine these two equations. And it should be like this:

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Bohdan Syvashchenko
Bohdan Syvashchenko on 17 Feb 2021
I am not familiar with LaTex but trying back and forth I came up with this solution:
title('$\left\{\begin{array}{@{}ll@{}}\sin(x-y)-xy+1=0 \\ x^2-y^2=0.75 \end{array}\right.$', "Interpreter", "latex")

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