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How to solve integral ==

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kris Holm
kris Holm on 2 Jan 2021
Commented: kris Holm on 3 Jan 2021
I need help how to wright a code to solve the problem.
I did it like this, but it does not work, what have i done wrong?
syms x b


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John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 2 Jan 2021
You want to integrate exp(x), with limits from 1 to b?, and then to find b, such that the integral is 1?
First, how do we perform the integration?
syms x b
ans = 
So that is easy enough. What value of b gives an integral of 1? Just wrap solve around that.
solve(int(exp(x),x,[1,b]) == 1)
ans = 

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kris Holm
kris Holm on 3 Jan 2021
thanks a lot for your help

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