How to write this function in MATLAB

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Yash Patel
Yash Patel on 11 Feb 2021
Hello , I am trying to calculate the DTFT of a sequence and compare it using freqz function....
The DTFT of my sequence is
How do I program this in MATLAB ....
w is vectorized quantity
L = 40
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darova on 11 Feb 2021
Please provide your attempts

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Alamanda Ponappa Poovaya
Alamanda Ponappa Poovaya on 24 Mar 2021
I understand you want to write this function in MATLAB with w as a vector. The code below should accomplish this
Pw = L*exp(-1i*w*(L-1)/2).*(sinc(w*L/(2*pi))./sinc(w/(2*pi)));


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