Placing a figure into word and specifiying a position using ActiveX

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Please can someone help me ! i want to insert a figure in my word document in a specified page. i tried using Selection.GoTo but nothing seems to happen. here is my code i would like to open my word document and start writing or inserting figures on the second page
word = actxserver('word.Application');
word.Visible =true;
word.selection.Style='Heading 1';
word.Selection.InsertBreak(7); %pagebreak
i would like to skip the first page and start writing from the second!
thanks in advance for your help

Answers (1)

Mario Malic
Mario Malic on 28 Feb 2021
Selection points at current location where the text is going to be displayed, you have already typed something on first page. Afterwards you have inserted a Page Break, then the selection is on the second page. If you wanted to display text on the second page, then you would just use TypeText, because Selection is on that page.
word.Selection.Style='Heading 1';
word.Selection.InsertBreak(7); %pagebreak
word.Selection.TypeText='Introduction on page 2';
An example of arguments for GoTo method to go to second page are shown below.
word.Selection.GoTo(1, 1, 2);

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