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Question about MATLAB Mask RCNN code from github.

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Hello, I am trying to test the code, 'Mask RCNN with MATLAB' on the external website, ''.
I have a question on the function, [rpnTrainingSamples.m] , 41~50 line.
The code is :
% Sub-sample negative samples to avoid using too much memory.
numPos = sum(positiveIndex);
negIdx = find(negativeIndex);
numNeg = numel(negIdx);
nidx = params.RandomSelector.randperm(numNeg, min(numNeg, 5000));
% Pack data as int32 to save memory.
regionProposals = int32([regionProposals(positiveIndex, :); regionProposals(nidx, :)]);
anchorIDs = {int32([anchorIDs(positiveIndex) anchorIDs(nidx)])};
anchorIndices = {int32([anchorIndices(positiveIndex,:); anchorIndices(nidx,:)])};
The above packed data will be used for training samples of RPN.
However, for the negative samples of regionProposals (and anchorIDs, etc..), those with indices 'nidx' are packed.
As I know of, the variable 'nidx' is just a randomly shuffled numbers in the range of [1, numNeg].
So, I am afraid that 'regionProposals(nidx, :)' may not represent the negative samples but all the samples (positive, negative, ignored).
Is it right?
Thank you!

Answers (1)

Prabhan Purwar
Prabhan Purwar on 6 Aug 2021
Thanks for reporting the issue. As a workaround kindly consider replacing nidx with numNeg(nidx) in the above code. I have bought the issue to the notice of our developer and will try to fix it in future releases.

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