Json Parsing error on formatted text

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Joe Rustan
Joe Rustan on 26 Mar 2021
Answered: Mohammad Sami on 29 Mar 2021
I have a script that reads formatted text from a Github release description. The text has bullets, some non-ASCII characters, etc. When I look at the string, the special characters are escaped (\r, etc). When I try to write this entire text block to another Github release, it fails with an "error parsing Json" error.
I believe this has to do with either a Conten-type header or UTF encoding, which I'm not fully familiar with.
Is there a straight-forward way in Matlab to read and write formatted text "as-is"?

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Answers (1)

Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami on 29 Mar 2021
I assume this is the api you are using.
On the documentation they show the curl request as follows.
curl \
-H "Accept: application/vnd.github.v3+json" \
https://api.github.com/repos/octocat/hello-world/releases \
-d '{"tag_name":"tag_name"}'
I believe you need to form your entire curl request as json string.
From the code I see you are missing the opening and closing {} as well as formatting of your -d argument is not json compliant
For example it should be something like this.
%curl...-d '{"tag_name":"<name-of-tag>","target_commitish":"<commit-id>","name":<name-of-release>","body":"<rel-body>"}'
Or you could can create a struct in matlab with the required parameters then use jsonencode function to form the required json string.
postdata.tag_name = name-of-tag;
postdata.target_commitish = commit-id;
postdata.name = name-of-release;
postdata.body = rel-body;
data = jsonencode(postdata);

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