Satellite toolbox: GPS signal generation and SDR

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Just noticed that in the new version of matlab there is a new toolbox for satellite commnucation which contains an option to generate GPS signal.
As I've never used the SDR functionality within matlab, is there an option to generate the GPS signal on the SDR?
Have anybody tried it?

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Xudong Zhao
Xudong Zhao on 21 Jan 2022
I'm also very interested in this question, if anyone wants to do it, I have USRP and we can explore GPS together
Irfan Ullah
Irfan Ullah on 28 Nov 2022
Can that GPS waveform code of MATLAB 2022 work alongwith NI USRP (SDR)?
If yes then from where we can download the updated rinex file to spoof any GPS receive?

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