[Feature request] "Run from Start to Here" button in Live Scripts

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The "opposite" of the currently existing "Run to End" button.
Useful for tuning Live Script reports, in particular when time consuming sections are present.

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 10 Apr 2021
In the Live Editor, mouse over to the white border between the line numbers and the gray space for the code. A "Run to Here" button will appear that you can click.
Joan Vazquez
Joan Vazquez on 21 May 2021
This does the job in general, but it is not exactly the same funcitonality. It will enter in debugging mode, thus clearing all output from sections below.
Say I have a Live Script with 100 sections and their output, the last 50 are fine, and I want to rerun the first 50.
Again, not saying this is good practice, it is just not the opposite of "Run to End".

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