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Newton's and Regula False Method on MATLAB

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FATIH GUNES on 12 Apr 2021
For the below problem, how can I find all real zeros of the functions (with Newton’s and Regula False) using the MATLAB function:
f(x)= x^3+3x^2-1

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Sripranav Mannepalli
Sripranav Mannepalli on 13 Jul 2021
1) Newton's Method :
The following MATLAB Answer post provides a code that implements the Newton Raphson method.
Newton's method cannot be used to find multiple roots. For more information, refer to the following answer .
2) Regula FalsiMethod :
Currently there is no built-in function available in MATLAB for the Regula Falsi method. An alternative can be the following file-exchange submission. If you have any queries regarding this submission, please reach out to the author of the code.

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